Auto machine installation

All kinds of industrial auto machine installation whole Bangladesh

Auto machine services

All kinds of industrial auto machine services whole Bangladesh

Auto machine Repairing

All kinds of industrial auto machine repairing whole Bangladesh


Desh Engineer Services has over a decade of experience working with capital projects

Maintenance & Support

Desh engineer services’s maintenance teams are trained by engineers with excellent knowledge of modern protocols, yielding efficient on-line maintenance, faster off-line repair sequences, and overall better performance. Our maintenance strengths are further bolstered when partnered with our excellent management teams.

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Instrumentation & Control

Desh engineer services’s systems integration teams are highly experienced in control systems design, facility-wide systems integration, and implementing modern safety protocols from the ground up, providing the most up-to-date facility management tools available today.

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Designated Engineering Representatives

Desh engineer services maintains a professional network of Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) in order to facilitate expedited solutions when problems are founded in maintenance.

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Engineering Services

Desh engineer services offers a full research and development platform for the creation of new automation systems, as well as for updating existing systems to meet new requirements. Desh engineer services’s R&D capabilities extend beyond that of a mere industrial company, with tendrils reaching into academic research institutions (detail below) and outside as-needed consultants.

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Our Projects

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